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Broadcasting, Webinars & Webcasting

Live videos encourage audiences to engage and become a community. Whether it’s a corporate event, summit or a mall activation, our live streaming experts brings your audience a little closer through our state-of-the art technology.

We focus on delivering video solutions for all organizations. Whether you are a small company that wants to stream weekly meetings, or you’re a large corporation looking to stream your large-scale events, we deliver customized solutions that will enable you to share your vision.


We have the capacity to film and broadcast events at any location, thanks to our fleet of OB vans, flight cases and a wealth of 4K & HD multipurpose cameras. Our expert team uses the state of the art technology to bring your visions to life and going above and beyond your imagination.

  • Home/Office Broadcasting
  • Outdoor Broadcasting
  • Sports Telecast

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We have customized webinar solutions where you can have interactive audience elements like voting, poll, slide-sharing, Q&A, branding and much more. With the latest technology and our team expertise, we combine multi-platforms to give you a seamless and more engaging stream.

  • Customized Solutions
  • Audience poll & interactive
  • Branding options

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Live Webcasting is an innovative method that can be used to take events live to audiences around the world, who are not physically present at the venue. All that is required is an internet connection which will allow your audiences to see everything that goes on at your physical event.

  • Facebook Live
  • Youtube Live
  • Protected Stream

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